Who the heck is PUBLIC?

“Can a production company be involved in all the stages of the creative process, from concept to delivery?”

Public was founded the moment we said the words: “It can, and it should!”.

Everyone who is well-recognized in the industry is in our team: Our two founders with 20 years of experience in production, our highly experienced directors, our writers who were senior creatives at top advertising agencies and our hardworking production crew members.

Many dreams were first shared with us before they became the talk of the town. We were always on the list of people who contributed to numerous successful campaigns. Our work was widely acclaimed, which always felt like a big round of applause for our efforts.

We are a young, passionate, steadfast and creative production company, willing to shoulder responsibility from the get-go.

We want to support all the projects we are involved in with our ideas, experience, high speed and energy and pretty much be a part of the brand.

We aspire to meet you once again as Public with unique ideas and responsiveness you can always count on.